Patio Plus

An impressive range of flowering and foliage basket/patio plants with our own unique, bespoke ‘Patio Plus’ label. The range includes, fuchsia, ivy leaf geranium, annual climbers, surfinia, tumbelina, and calibrachoa. (Please note that some petunia products are supplied with the standard royalty label)



Hardy Patio Plus 

Northwing Nurseries have, over a number of years, developed one of the most extensive ranges of hardy patio plants available to garden centres. Formally known as ‘Autumn Wonder’ the name changed to ‘Hardy Patio Plus’ for the Autumn 2014 for 2 main reasons. Firstly, the new name links into the already proven ‘Patio Plus’ range, secondly, after extensive and detailed questioning of our customers, it was felt that by dropping the word ‘Autumn’ and adding in the word ‘Hardy’ the season for this range could be extended into the early winter months.    LIST

Autumn 2018 catalogue  DOWNLOAD


Northwing Nurseries Annual Primrose Festival 

Every year from early January until mid March, Northwing Nurseries run the ‘Primrose Festival’


1 Litre Products

Northwing Nurseries grow a varied range of 1 litre products, mainly for Summer and Autumn seasons. Our 1 litre products are flowering plants that are ideal for promotions and ‘Impulse Buy’ bench ends.  LIST


Spring Flowering

Northwing Nurseries produce a range of popular spring flowering perennials, mainly alpine varieties that are available for early February.  LIST


Autumn Flowering

At Northwing Nurseries, we grow a range of popular bedding plants designed for the Autumn, this range compliments Hardy Patio Plus and includes, cyclamen, pansy and viola.  LIST

1 litre Autumn Asters also form part of the Autumn Flowering range, please refer to our 1 Litre Products page for details of the Aster range.


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