Summer @ Northwing Nurseries

Summer is always a bit strange at the nursery; the sudden stop that happens at the end of spring season takes us all by surprise. We go from running around like headless chickens to having a bit of free time, all over the space of a weekend….. always takes a bit of time to unwind, but it gives us all a chance to take our summer holidays, the nursery will now run for six weeks with less staff as we take our well deserved summer break, in rotation of course, so that the nursery is always staffed!!!

During the summer, we have time to clean and maintain the nursery, cleaning down the benches, making any necessary repairs, and then of course, we have the potting for late summer and autumn to think about!!

The pansy and viola packs are well under way now, the first crop should be ready for late July/early August and the second crop will carry straight on, the mini and hardy cyclamen have all been potted and are growing nicely. The rebranded ‘Hardy Patio Plus’ is looking absolutely superb and we are delighted with the new labels.

Both sets of Sunflor Dianthus are now potted and the first crop of autumn asters is coming along nicely, I believe that the second set of asters is being potted as I type this, phew! I  got out of that one!!! Sugar rush wallflower are all in, as is the first set of Poppin’s chrysanthemum, we really have been busy!! So, the end result is that we have a nursery full of beautiful plants that will make your gardens look fabulous for autumn and winter!


1st crop of pansy & viola


Hardy & mini cyclamen


Poppin’s chrysanthemum


Hardy Patio Plus, growing before our eyes!


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