Early Autumn @ Northwing

The nursery continues to tick over nicely, after the hectic spring season, the atmosphere calms down a little and in turn, we have all taken our annual breaks thoroughly enjoying a well earned breather!!

August Bank Holiday Weekend means only one thing to us at Northwing ….. Hardy Patio Plus!!

Over the last 10 + years, Northwing Nurseries has been striving to promote a range of attractive, hardy plants that can be planted out in autumn and winter baskets and containers, making the garden attractive all year round.

This year, we have rebranded our already extensive range of basket and container plants, our new name is ‘Hardy Patio Plus’ and to celebrate this change we have had new labels designed which included our range of autumn flowering dwarf asters and hardy cyclamen. The new design has enabled us to add wording to the back of the labels to explain the best use for the Hardy Patio Plus range, all of which are ideally suited for use in hanging baskets and containers with pansy, viola, cyclamen and primrose to make a stunning autumn and winter display.

September will see the continuation of Hardy Patio Plus sales alongside mini cyclamen, primroses, autumn asters, miniature dianthus, miniature chrysanthemums, hardy cyclamen and our large range of 6 pack pansy, viola, polyanthus and primrose. We head back into hanging basket and container making using the fabulous autumn plants to make stunning displays.

Potting also continues, we have already started on the main season pot primroses and the double ‘Belarina’ primroses will be safely in their pots before the end of August! We are awaiting delivery of the Irish ‘Kennedy’ primroses which were a new addition to Northwing Nurseries last spring. This range of primroses was bred by Joe Kennedy, an Irish dentist and talented plant breeder. He has made it his life’s work to breed this range of extremely hardy and versatile perennial primrose.

What sets them aside from other primroses is their extreme hardiness (capable of surviving temperatures as low as -25 deg Celsius) when planted in the garden, they will come back year after year. This fantastic range is unique and will provide customers with a marvellous start to spring planting

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