It’s Autumn!!

Autumn has arrived and, as is normal, the weather is having a second wind, what a fabulous opportunity to replant your summer baskets and containers with Hardy Patio Plus. Beautiful, hardy plants that can be mixed with mini cyclamen, pansy and viola and early primroses to make the garden look lovely whilst you enjoy the fine weather.


Autumn sales have been very strong this year, due in part to the excellent weather, but also because of our fantastic Hardy Patio Plus that we re-launched in August.

The Hardy Patio range has been a labour of love over the past 15 years and selecting the correct varieties has always been a real challenge, but we think that we have just about arrived at a collection that can not only keep the patio area colourful in winter, but also provide a useful sales bonus for garden centres at this busy time of year. Whilst a little slow to start, hardy patio has picked up over the years and the reorders that we have had this year seem to imply healthy sales in the garden centre, so Hardy Patio Plus is a real winner that we are incredibly proud of and will continue to develop and improve with new varieties as they become available.


The nursery has changed massively over the last 2 weeks with the arrival of large quantities of primroses and is starting to take in the look of the quieter winter mode. We have plenty of spring flowering perennials, aubrietia, saxifrage etc which are rooting in for the winter and are going to look fantastic in march when they will be available for sale.


We have taken delivery of the Kennedy Irish Primroses, these will be potted over the next couple of weeks and we anticipate strong sales next spring alongside the Belarina double primroses.

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